White Floors

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White Floors~


I am a huge fan of white floors. We have just had  9″ white French oak installed throughout entire house and could not be happier. So far, we are finding it kid and dog friendly. 🙂 We live at the beach and there’s an incredible amount of natural light that reflects from the sea. White floors compliment and enhance the lighting making everything feel airy and fresh. Whitewashing, lime finish, pickling, dry brushing, bleaching and simply painting white paint directly onto the wood are different techniques to obtain a lighter wood finish. Traditionally, Scandinavian homes would whitewash their floorboards for the added brightness they gave a room….understandable considering their long, dark winters. Today, whitewashed floors are more and more popular because of their versatility and ability to complement most interiors.


Dreaming of a white Christmas in a Swedish home:

Danish Summer House. The oven really fills the emptiness here. I want those windows and a view.:

The best home decor ideias for you to get inspired! You can see more inspiring ideas at www.delightfull.eu/en/inspirations/:

via @frustilista on Instagram - THIS ROOM IS ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!! #️⃣:

* Make the wall for the non bearing wall finished in a whitewash. * White floor boards and stair case * Plywood on the roof:


diseño de interiores: decorar con vigas:

http://www.woodesigner.net provides fantastic suggestions and also ideas to woodworking:

Design: Floors (Fredensborg House BY Norm Architects):

Apartment upstairs - Melanopetra:

Batis 3d Design Studio - Apanemi:

ocean themed living room ideas | These beach themed living room ideas will help you create a space that ...:

bedroom Coastal Style: Beach House Style:


















































These are a few excellent sites to help you turn your floors white:









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  1. Susan | 19th Jan 17

    Outstanding! I keep going back for second looks. Love the whitewash

  2. Edyta Deboer | 19th Jan 17

    Love love love. Can’t wait to do the same to my home.

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