The Great Ocean Road Beach Shack Revival

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The Great Ocean Road Beach Shack in Victoria, Australia~

This Great Ocean Road Beach Shack, Dorman House is a finely crafted timber box, independently constructed to hover over an existing beach shack in Lorne, Victoria, Australia. In contrast to the neighbors, it has been designed to weather, to go grey, to age, and sink back into the landscape of the bush. This beautiful home is on The Great Ocean Road which is an Australian National Heritage, 151 miles road along the south-eastern coast of Australia between the Victorian cities of Torquay and Allansford. The road was built by returned soldiers between 1919 and 1932 and dedicated to soldiers killed during World War I. The road is the world’s largest war memorial. Winding through varying terrain along the coast and providing access to several prominent landmarks, including the Twelve Apostles limestone stack formations. The road is an important tourist attraction in the region.

The couple who bought the original shack faced a challenge to avoid doing what some neighbors, and many other people along the coast, have done. They refused to have yet another Great Ocean Road shack sacrificed and replaced with a mansion. They didn’t want to be part of the slow erosion of the Great Ocean Road’s collective cultural memory. They ended up collaborating with Austin Maynard Architects and were able to sustain the original shack and have their new home built above and around the old structure. I find this so interesting! BTW the terrane outside of the windows looks so much like Laguna Beach!


Photos: Peter Bennett

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  1. Susan | 5th Feb 17

    Looks just like Laguna Beach. Even the telephone wire. Love the fireplace. Not crazy about the outside but love the inside. The use of wood is amazing. Hope Jeopardy asks the question “What is the largest War Memorial in the world”?

  2. Tracy Donenfeld | 11th Feb 17

    Stacey!!! I am in awe of you!! Great job! You go girl😊

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