Remarkable Sydney Home Renovation/Before & After

Best friends, Bonnie, Erin & Lana, walked away from their corporate careers in pursuit of a more fulfilling life. Together they created Three Birds Renovations, based in Sydney – a boutique renovation company where they buy, renovate and sell suburban homes. The home below belongs to Lana and this isn’t a home she is flipping. She calls it her ‘Forever House’. Take a look at the before & afters at the bottom of this post!


Before & After






Above is a fiberglass pool….believe it or not! 

Fiberglass pools are awesome – If you can believe it, I never knew these even existed! They are cheaper, faster, gentler, warmer, cleaner and greener! 

+ Cheaper: they cost around 20% less than a concrete pool to install and ongoing costs are lower due to less maintenance, chemicals, and energy consumption.
+ Faster: installation takes only 3 weeks instead of 3 months
+ Gentler: the non-abrasive surface is softer on your feet and fiberglass is not as rock-hard as concrete if your kids accidentally hit the bottom.
+ Warmer: fiberglass acts a natural insulator so it holds in the heat for longer. 
+ Cleaner: the gel-coating is smooth and non-porous preventing the growth of mold and algae. 
+ Greener: less cleaning, fewer chemicals, less energy consumption = smaller carbon footprint.

thx three birds renovation!

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