Rattan Furniture

I’ve always loved rattan. I think it adds a certain tropical vacation vibe. Wicker and rattan furniture was created in America and not in Asia as many assume. Ships would leave China bound for America with a variety of goods. Raw cane rattan was used to secure the cargo and prevent shifting. This raw cane would then be discarded and left at the docks on America’s east coast. 1844 a grocer collected an armful of discarded rattan that had been abandoned at Constitution Wharf in Boston. The grocer, Cyrus Wakefield, took notice on how flexible the cane was and realized the flexibility with the material. Wakefield was not a furniture maker by trade but he still bent the rattan to produce a chair. He saw the infinite potential of the material and quit his grocer job to pursue the rattan and cane idea full time…..






















































Hanging Chairs — Vintage rattan hanging chairs are making a comeback. A seating nook that had a hold of my heart. Loving this Interior design trend. Boho styling. via HouseOfHipsters.com:












































































rattan flower chairs:















Recline on Rattan Beds...:















Tons of beautiful Bohemian bedroom decoration inspiration:






















rattan chair with throw pillow via planete deco. / sfgirlbybay

Keep in mind….rattan is the material and wicker is the weave.  Wicker furniture that you see is made from bamboo, straw, rattan or synthetic materials.

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