Perfectly Funky and Modern in Marin County

I love how this designer seamlessly meshed a number of different styles together and created a warm and casual family environment. At Regan Baker Design, they use creative design to transform ordinary homes into amazing spaces that reflect your personality and lifestyle of the owners.

01 rbdmarin bookcase copy.jpg

03 rbd marin kitchen copy.jpg
04b rbdmarin034 copy.jpg

05 rbdmarin living room copy.jpg

06 rbdmarin living room detail copy.jpg

07a rbdmarin bar copy.jpg

07b rbdmarin lounge copy.jpg

08 rbdmarin camera wall copy.jpg

09 rbdmarin family room copy.jpg

10 rbdmarin kids nook copy.jpg

11a rbdmarin master copy.jpg

11b rbdmarin050 copy.jpg

11c rbdmarin052 copy.jpg

13 rbdmarin master bath copy.jpg

12a rbdmarin master deck copy.jpg

12b rbdmarin049 copy.jpg

14a rbdmarin042 copy.jpg

14d rbdmarin exterior copy.jpg

Thanks so much Regan!



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