Part 1 Los Angeles Project Finished!

In June our Eldest daughter, Candace, and her fiance Willie bought their first home in Los Angeles, California. It was an outdated 2 bedroom, one bath home nestled on a large 5500 sq ft corner lot and surrounded by bougainvillea. The house itself looked like it was last updated in the 80’s and yet the beautiful indigenous yard was timeless with its old growth pepper and dwarf palm trees. Here are the before and after pictures of the main living area. Happily, Candace, Willie and I have similar tastes so this remodel was a pleasure to do together.

Here are the most unprofessional pics you’ll see on my blog! I was just too excited to wait….




So we had the main wall, that was separating the kitchen from the living room, torn down. In its place, we had a 90″x 48″ island built with plenty of storage on both sides because all of the cabinets were pulled and replaced with open reclaimed wood shelves. The countertops are quartz and the handles are brass.



Taken with my crappy iPhone camera






Tobi sad when I left back for Laguna 🙂


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