Our Laguna Beach Bedroom Remodel Unveiled

In 2006, my husband, Eugene & I bought the house next door to where we lived. We were going to do a quick remodel and ‘flip it’. It was a small 1600 sq ft, ‘L’ shaped house that was pink and overgrown with fruit trees and orchids. In the process of cleaning it out, my mom, Eugene & I became bewitched with the ‘Grey Gardens’ like property. After we finished the remodel and not wanting to part with it, I decided to try to market it as a vacation rental and dumped $5000 of consignment, garage sale and hand-me-down furnishings into the little house that we planned to one day live in ourselves (when the kids moved out!).

Our Rental became very popular and we were rented out 8 months in advance with a four hour window between guests. I’m not kidding! A little less than half of our guests were repeating clients so we became friends with these people over the years. Sadly, ten years later, Laguna Beach started to heavily regulate the ‘short term vacation rentals’ industry in our town so we decided to close up shop, sell our home and make the move into our 2 bedrooms, 1 in a half bath home and make it fitting for our family of five (one of our daughters had already moved out).

Now, 8 months later and only 70% finished, this is a little sneak peak into us turning our magical property into a 4 bedroom, four bath home. Below, are the Before & Afters of our master bedroom. This is still a work in progress but I’m excited to share this!



As you can see, the master bedroom had low ceilings, which made it feel small, and a funky louvered window (to the left) that was not centered on the wall. I decided to have the ceilings knocked out in order to lift them into an ‘A frame’ to give the feel of more space.


At this point, the room was feeling too dark even though we had the large French doors. That’s when we decided to cover the odd louvered window and have two small windows installed.

(thx Mom for the idea!) 

Then came the shiplap…my favorite!




Thank you JB & Kiwi for modeling!






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