One of My Favorite Kitchens

~a little homestead with a little farmhouse on a little land~

This couple was searching for a simpler life…their dream was for an escape outside the city to raise their children in the kind of childhood where they must be rinsed with hose water before coming inside after a day of playing.

In their words….”The story of how we decided on a farmhouse is long, so I will attempt to keep it short. We drove past this 150-year-old farmhouse for years growing up. Travis and I are high school sweethearts. We always loved the symmetry and simplicity of the white house with a gray roof. It looked perfectly in place between farm fields and hundred-year-old trees. This dream house ended up going on the market which made us start to think it could become a reality. But that is exactly what it was, a dream, since the price was so outrageous and it needed so much love and care. Two years went by, and the house finally dropped enough in price that we could purchase and spend money bringing it back to its glory”.

Pfeiffer Home - CH 08.jpg

Pfeiffer Home - CH 50.jpg

Thx Cottage Hill /All Photographs by Clary Pfeiffer


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