Melbourne Restoration Project by Darren Palmer

Melbourne Family Restore a Former Bakery Into Their Dream Home

This enchanting six-bedroom, three-level home was a former bakery. The Melbourne family came across it for sale it was completely covered in ivy. It was a combination of an open living plan and a barn. The couple decided to strip it back to the original features and then overlay it with ‘new traditional’ style. Eventually they ended up keeping some of the structural elements, like a 9 foot long steel supporting beam, which is now one of the visual focal points in the living area. The 11.5 foot Island in the kitchen cleverly houses a cubby space below it for the kids to play in.  Keeping to a monochromatic palette, the interior designer Darren Palmer, has filled the home with earthy and textured furnishings that complement but never upstage the owners vibrant art collection.

1a College Place, Albert Park.

Photographed by Mark Roper. Styled by Darren Palmer.

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  1. Susan | 6th Feb 17

    Love that they didn’t cover over the ceiling. It’s beautiful. The ivy is fantastic. It must keep the house at a great temperature. The property is very peaceful.

  2. Treva | 7th Feb 17


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