London Flat

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London Flat~

1,200 sq ft!

When you live above Etsy’s London headquarters in one of the capital’s best-known design hubs, you might feel some pressure to ensure your flat is up to the high standards of your neighbors. Heather Kane rented this flat in Clerkenwell, which use to be a part of London’s industrial heartland. Now, the warehouses are home to design agencies and magazines, the factories have become exclusive bars and restaurants, and the slum housing has been turned into exclusive flats for young professionals. A mix of personal items, vintage finds, and eclectic eBay purchases, Heather has managed to highlight the open plan living space as well as create a sense of warmth with her home decor.

photo credit: Kirsten Madsen

All photo credits (other than one): David Telford

London Flat Rentals

Name: Heather Kane
Location: Clerkenwell — London, UK
Size: 1,200 square feet




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  1. Susan | 30th Jan 17

    It’s a great place, but I find it to be very masculine. The brick walls and the high ceiling are outstanding. She did a great job.

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