About Me….

My Bio~

Hello! Thanks so much for ‘checking out’ my blog. I am a Mom to four daughters ages 12, 16, 18 and 27. My husband (an Aussie) and I live in Laguna Beach with our younger three and our eldest lives in LA as a therapist with her fiance and our first grandchild (a shepherd/wolf mix named Tobi). We have two dogs…JB our Puggle and Kiwi our French Bulldog.

I have been a writer (if journals count), blogger, interior designer, collector, refurbisher, furniture maker, flea market connoisseur, garage sale junkie, dumpster diver, furniture store owner. I grew up in an auction house in Las Vegas where my mom (Susan…a Canadian) and my dad (Danny…from London) imported furniture from Europe in large containers. I vividly remember when the furniture was unpacked and my Mom would go through all the drawers in search of trinkets from the previous owner. Always a story to tell for the pieces that we sold.

At the same time my parents had antique stores and had buyers from all over the globe. The names I will never forget, The Brass & Copper Shop and Turn of the Century Decor.

I’ve lived in Vegas, West Palm Beach, London, Greece, Paris and Laguna Beach so my taste is wide ranging and ever changing.  I have found that as an adult, no matter what I do, I always came back to interior design. I’m obsessed and spend a good part of my days reading blogs, magazines and looking at new shots on instagram and pinterest, always trying to implement something new into my idea of what feels and looks good. I think the older I get I’m starting to realize that it’s more of a feel we are searching for. Yes, it’s important that it looks good but the texture is so very important.