Gypset Really is a thing….


It really is a thing. Characterized by their need for alternative travel and lifestyle, Gypsetters fuse the ease and style of a gypsy with the sophistication and global reference of the jet set. Gypsetters are entrepreneurs, artists, designers, surfers, trust funders and writers who embrace the unconventional and wanderlust, living a high-low freelance approach to life, playing and working from boats in bohemian enclaves such as Ibiza and Kenya, or catching a wave in Nicaragua and Montauk.

Gypset is not only a lifestyle but a way to incorporate a laid back yet cultivated theme to an event. Below you can see examples of Gypset Events

Julia Chaplin is journalist, author, designer, brand consultant, and adventurer. She is a frequent contributor to The New York Times, Elle, W, and Travel & Leisure. Julia coined the term Gypset and created the Gypset book series that includes Gypset Style (2009), Gypset Travel (2012) and Gypset Living (2014) all published by Assouline. She designs and runs the Gypset clothing collection,, and Gypset retreats. She may have invented the term but the Gypset lifestyle has a life of it’s own now and defines the way a unique group of people live their lives.


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“Gypsets are creative and optimistic people who blend fashion and art, whilst maintaining a relaxed, laid back approach to life”. Julia Chaplin

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Gypset Events:

creative event design, decor and tenting from Gypset in LA | via
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Image result for Jade Jagger and her family in their tent at their home in Ibiza
Jade Jagger and her family in their tent at their home in Ibiza. They embrace the Gypset lifestyle.
Lastly, this is a shop in Australia on the West coast that is beautifully put together. Her merchandising is spot on and her style is spoken through these pictures.

Spell & the Gypsy~

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  1. Susan | 18th Jan 17

    Breathtaking…Every photo looks like a dream. What a great lifestyle.

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