Chic Industrial 1920’s Tribeca Loft

I had to post this awesome home with its 17-foot ceilings and 11-foot windows. While the loft dates back to 1920, it’s part of a new renovation development of maisonettes that were completed in 2016. Located in an old printing factory, the home even has a private entrance at street level into a gated garden.

Simonpietri wanted this house to feel urban yet casual and "fit for mellow living." She explains, "This is a young family, so we warmed up the space with a few signature touches: braided jute...

As designers, we purchase pretty much everything at the same time. But in the case of this space, I'd say the style and size of the sofa were the main driving forces for the room.

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While it is our favorite feature of this living room, the ceiling height also turned out to be the most challenging aspect of this project. "Ceiling heights can often be so attractive in concept...

Interestingly, the color scheme for this home was an interpretation of their client. "She has the prettiest blonde hair and clear skin, and well, whites and creams and soft tones just seemed to...

But despite the challenges of the large-scale ceiling, its height ended up being Simonpietri's favorite thing about the space. And who could blame her? It's what makes this space so special.

The greatest find in designing this loft was unexpected. "We found these amazing vintage wooden washboards at a flea market, so we got a whole bunch of them," says Simonpietri. "They were actually...

This entryway stays true to the monochrome and minimal brief, adding a traditional touch with the X-bench stools.

The patina of the timber bench complements the sleek mirror and the modern sconces for a striking contrast.

As this was the second time Simonpietri's design team had worked with this family, it also meant a few pieces from their first project together made their way into this home. One of those pieces...

Keeping within the neutral palette, Simonpietri created visual interest by layering varying shades of white, cream, and beige in the master bedroom for a striking yet cozy and intimate vibe.

The subtle color palette makes its way into the bathroom with natural, organic subway tiles throughout.

Color makes a bright entrance via the nursery with blush wallpaper and hints of pink in the wall art and rug. 

The white lounge chair and side table keep things modern and fresh.

Thank you, Chango & Co for constant inspiration!


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