A French Photographer’s Beachside South African Villa

Superb South African Villa

Jean-Marc Lederman, a French fashion photographer with a background in architecture, purchased this fabulous villa near the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. Lederman renovated the modest two-story hillside brick box into an impressive modernist home. He had always dreamed of living in a house that would have resembled the style of Frank Lloyd Wright. Before beginning renovations, Lederman wanted to get a feel for the space, so he lived in the house for a year, studying how the light moved during the day and depending on the season. He did such an amazing job!


A few years after moving into the home, a fire on the top floor significantly damaged the roof and the ceiling.

Cape of Good Hope Villa-04-1 Kindesign

Photographer Jean-Marc Lederman's South African house | dining room interiors inside outside:

Cape of Good Hope Villa-06-1 Kindesign

The stairs are Bali teak and the railing is beached sea trunks.

I LOVE the colors in this room!

Cape of Good Hope Villa-07-1 Kindesign

Cape of Good Hope Villa-10-1 Kindesign

The owner built a 42 foot swimming pool facing the ocean and Cape Town’s Table Mountain.

Cape of Good Hope Villa-05-1 Kindesign

Jean-Marc & his daughter.

Thank you to Montse Garriga and Ad Magazine for the use of your photos and to Jean–Marc Lederman himself!





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